Weird Hangover Cures


Searching for the perfect hangover remedy and the reply to all our prayers, we’ve got stumbled open some bizarre hangover cures alongside the best way. From natural cures to black magic, we have seen all of it. And albeit, we’re determined sufficient to strive them.

From the nation that created merchandising machines that promote panties, go away it to the Japanese to provide you with an odd hangover remedy. Meet the Umeboshi picked plum. Hungover Japanese folks will suck on these bitter plums till they dissolve. The thought is that the acid within the umeboshi will break down the alcohol sooner. Contemplating that almost all Japanese enterprise negotiations occur over sake and whiskey, and Japanese are sturdy in enterprise, this in all probability works. I will strive it out. Tomorrow morning.

Keepin it Asian, journey again again in time with me to the reign of Genghis Khan. This dude used to eat sheep eyes with a cocktail of brine and tomato juice. Discuss dedication. I wish to roll with that man! No marvel his crew was so diesel.

In Puerto Rico, folks put lemons in small wedges below their armpits. The citrus enters the system and acts as an inhibitor for dehydration. Hmmm. Possibly you will not need to go to the toilet as a lot. And then you definitely will not need to really feel unhealthy about not tipping the toilet man that arms you the towels. I prefer it.

Romanians love their tripe and declare that its a assured hangover remedy. Tripe is a cow’s abdomen. They boil it up and serve it in a soup. Tripe is a typical ingredient within the Vietnamese soup Pho, which is probably the perfect hangover remedy of all time. So possibly the Romanians know whats up.

Again in historical Greece, after an evening of honoring Apollo with items of wine, goats, and sodomy, the hungover ones would eat a breakfast of sheep lungs and owl eggs to remedy their hangover woes. Sorry, not for me.

In Haiti, they use Voodoo to battle the sorcery of a hangover. Lastly, a tradition that realizes the metaphysical nature of the hangover. I have been saying this for YEARS. An previous fable states that in case you put 13 pins into the cork of the bottle of alcohol you drank, the hangover spirits will probably be saved at bay.

Final however not least, the weirdest and sickest hangover remedy comes from proper right here within the States. Within the wild west days of Wyatt Earp et al, they’d drink a cup of tea constructed from rabbit turds. I do not know if there’s any scientific profit behind this, however I $*#& you not, that is true.

caveday • / kav-da / • noun: A day of which exercise is minimized because of the results of a colossal hangover.

Everyone is acquainted with Cavedays. You are hungover. You hate your self and your one-and-only plan for the day is to do the whole lot in your energy simply to remain alive. Specifically: nothing.

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